05/08/2011 00:00

 Chile reports drop in anchovy production, fish meal exports

 ( The Chilean national fishing society (Sonopesca) added US$489 million in exports a 3% increase of January-May exports of groundfish--considered a light growth in the exports groundfishing. Nevertheless, the sales--measured in volume-- registered a fall of 5.8%, totaling 223 thousand tons.
When compared to the same period of 2010 the 2.1 million tons landings during the first semester of the year resulted in a fall of 4.5% according to Sonopesca.
Landings in different regions of the companies painted different pictures. For example, between the XV Region and the II Region, the capture of anchovies grew by 101%. However, in the III and IV Region, falls of 4.4% and 77.3%, respectively, were reported in the Financial Newspaper.
In the south center, between the regions of Valparaíso and The Lakes, 84,000 ton of anchovies were captured, with a drop of a 42.2%. In turn, the common sardine registered a rise of a 29.5%.
Meanwhile the capture of mackerel dropped 27.7%, with 156.9 thousand tons in the Valparaíso and The Lakes, regions. Exports of value-added mackerel fell 52.3%, worth US$ 11.7 million.
The price of fishmeal was reported at US$ 1,616 by t. Nevertheless, the exports of the product fell 16.4%, totaling US$ 182 million in exports. The shipments of oil also fell, totaling US$ 7.6 million, a 7.1% drop.
These figures reflect 44% less production, due to the smaller availability of fish in the south.